You Are Welcome

"Come here, boy."
I called a dog in a corner.
The eyes suddenly focused on me,
And I read a delighted pupil.
The ears suddenly stood up,
Like it needs to absorb all sounds.
The weakened feet struggled to stood up,
Trying to be alert,
But it gave way for a sitting position.

Still delighted and ears standing,
It automatically moves its tail
For an excited wag.
Its body followed,
But it was stopped by a strange
Pang of pain all over its old weak body.

"Here, boy."
I extended my hands, not to move closer.
Its nose moved for the familiar scent,
Its mouth opened to hum a growl.
Its senses had been awakened
It struggled to stand, to ran,
To give me a lick on the face,
Like it always did.
But it can't, it can just sit, it can't see.
It can just smell.

"Hello, boy."
Finally, I smiled as I remembered
The loving memory of it.
At last I called the name.
Its growl deepened to express its longing,
From its misunderstood language.
My eyes clouded with tears as it lay down,
Extended its leg inviting a play,
It's like a puppy to my sight, I used to hug.
It waited for a long time, now its age weakens it.

"I'm home, boy."
My heart were touched and overwhelmed,
Like it had always made me feel.
We played, I carried it,
And give it a hug.
The lick, the growl and the wagging tail,
Welcomes me like no other did.

"Thank you so much
For the gift of faithfulness
And friendship, Stan.
Thank you for waiting."
I whispered.

It just rested on my shoulder
As it sang its last growl...

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