Tequila Girl

She stands by the bar next to me thinking what she will order next. She is drinking like crazy all-night and she wants something different.

The bartender smiles at her and asks, "What do you want, sweetie?"

Before the bartender come over, she had seen some bottles stocked near the corner where she stands. Now that the bar is busy, she figured she'd try something silly.

She replies, "Nah, I'm all right, sweetie! Look, there's a sweet young woman down there that wants to be served first," as she points to the end of the bar, not knowing who the hell she is even pointing at.

Right at that moment, seizing the opportunity with the bartender at the other side of the bar, she looks at me with a big grin and says, "cover me!"

She then grabs a bottle right in front of her and quickly ran off to our group of friends thinking that maybe a bouncer who caught a glimpse of her.

She handed the tequila bottle to someone. And our friend is thinking, "What the frak? What are you doing with a full bottle of tequila?"

She ran into the crowd and lap around the dance floor before getting back to her group of friends.

Her friend just finishes her drink and she grabs her glass. She pour some and start pouring tequila shots for all of her friends. Then, she grabs me to go around and we start to pour drinks for everyone.

We are both dazed and drunk with the tequila shots. But, she doesn't want to go home yet, so she asks her friends where they where heading to after. And someone said, "we're going to eat."

So there she is chanting, "we're going to eat at Happy Seven" at 3 a.m. in the morning.

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