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Joko Jun Radio, the Filipino Internet Radio, recommends music CDs by Filipinos for your music collection.

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Asianblue by Emm Gryner
As the Music Plays by Bamboo
Ayos Din by Brownman Revival
Bagong Liwanag by Rivermaya
Beautiful Machines by Pupil
Destination XYZ by Callalily
Dramachine by Sugarfree
Eraserheads Anthology
Fate Is the Hunter by Kate Earl
Fiesta! by 6cyclemind
God Bless The Child by Mishka Adams
Home by 6cyclemind
Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo by Rivermaya
Kami nAPO Muna - Tribute to APO Hiking Society
Kami nAPO Muna Ulit - Tribute to APO Hiking Society
Kitchie Nadal
Light Peace Love by Bamboo
Live @ 19 East by Freestyle
Maharot by Kamikazee
Moonlane Gardens by Orange and Lemons
Nina in the Mix by Nina with Dense Modesto/a>
Not Your Ordinary Girl by Kyla
NU 107 Super Size Rock
Pano Nangyari Yun? by Mayonnaise
Pinoy Blonde Soundtrack
Rivermaya Greatest Hits 2006
The Singles by Barbie Almabis
The Sistahs Are Doin' It by Reggae Mistress
Transit by Sponge Cola
Tulad ng Dati by The Dawn
Sitti in the Mix: The Dense Modesto Remixes
Sitti Live!
Solid by Parokya Ni Edgar
Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot by Orange and Lemons
Tunog Acoustic 4
Twilight by Hale
Ultraelectromagneticjam: The Music of Eraserheads
We Stand Alone Together by Bamboo

This featured music list is regularly updated on a monthly basis.

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