Joko Jun loves you.


I sat in a corner
And listened to this song over and over
Shoulders slumped in defeat
My heart weak and out of beat
Eyes bloodshot with no sleep
I started to soundlessly weep
I reek of filth and guilt
Memories came flooding, bittersweet

What You Mean To Me

Love shattered my dreams
And pushed me behind the scenes.
I no longer want to take risk
and swore never again will I frisk.

Gone are the days of fun.
Lost is the glory of the sun.
Night is my warm solace,
Darkness gives me a tight embrace.

Then you came in the silence of the night.
At first a faceless phantom trying to catch my sight,
But later revealed in your full glory,
Through notes and tunes in awesome harmony.


After the curtain closes
She would hide behind the window pane
Look outside trembling, forgetting to breathe
Because the man of her life was gone
But she's still expecting

Oh boy, how can she repeat the same mistakes again?
When her heart still aching
Telling her she can do it
But she couldn't endure love pulsating in her senses

Hearts Melody

One lazy day on bed,
Life filled me as he sang the song in my head.
He strummed his guitar with passion and pride
And the music flowed on the air like tide.

The twinkle in his eyes and the sexy smile
Made my heart skip a beat and left me breathless for a while.
Oh, if only I could freeze that moment to last
So I don’t have to look back always at the past...

Please Be Fair

I wanted to keep you.

I wanted to be with you forever.

I wanted to grow old with you but I’ve no choice.

I have to let you go.

It was a tough decision but I have to accept it.

Rhythm of the Soulmates' Hearts

The beating of the drums
Makes the hearts go

The strumming of guitar,
Sends shing-a-ling
To the heartstrings.

The melodies of violin and piano
Wash off
Pain and sorrow.

Music and lyrics combine,
To send a message so divine,
That makes the heart intertwine.

Suppressed Feeling

I hold the light of love and life
A torch that brings warmth and bright
But I can let it fade to fall into oblivion

I saw the future that brings happiness
A magic that no one knows the spells
But I have the power to create the illusion of madness

I found the treasure at the end of the rainbow
A pot of gold that makes everybody glow
But I am ready to give it away to be with you

Day and night, all I have is you in my mind
But loving you, fear and awe bind
Yet losing you, dread and anguish combine

Sing For Me

Large piano pipes and old guitars
Just take your heart to the beat
You close your eyes for the tune
Thinking you could play them
And oh, you're in the music world

I'm imagining of jammin' with you
Even if I am out of tune
Until I can learn how to make a song

Sing for me, baby
Let me hear your voice
And discover every message of your tune
I want to know you more with a song
Sing and just sing for me
Only for me, honey

Ikaw Lang

Sa dami ng pagpipilian
Maraming mga dumaan
Lahat kinilatis at tiningnan
Binuhusan ng pansin at pinaglaanan ng panahon.

Lahat nanunuyo
Lahat nagsusumamo
Lahat ibibigay
Makuha lamang ako.

Kaysarap damhin
Bawat panahong nakamit
Bawat atensyong nakuha
Bawat bulaklak na nasamyo.

Subalit, sa kadulu-duluhan
Ikaw lang ang hanap, sinta.
Wala kang kapantay,
Wala kang kapareha.
Lahat sila’y
Tila huwad at manggagaya.

What If I Say

What if I say, I love your smile,
What if I say, with you 'tis all worthwhile,
What if I say, I really miss you and
What if I say, I love you.

What if I say, I love those eyes,
What if I say, with you 'tis paradise,
What if I say, I really like you and
What if I say, I love you.

I always will love you my love,
Promise I will always be true.
For as long as I'm here, right by your side,
I'll always be loving you.

Love Tattooed

In the midst of the night beneath the mango tree,
You said you cared for me, courting me.
But when the moon smiled,
You turned away, leaving me.

Hindi Pala

Noong una kang makita,
Nagandahan ako sa iyong mukha.
Sinundan kita at nagpakilala,
Akala ko ay madali, hindi pala.

Life is...

Life is...
... a magnificent sunrise,
When your smile greets me,
And your sweetness envelopes my senses.

Life is..
... a radiant moonbeam,
When your overpowering presence captures my attention,
And your captivating words weave us into harmony.

Life is...
... a dewdrop in an early morn,
When your laughter tickles my being,
And your murmurs make me soar into ecstatic heights.

Celestial Scene

The moon, hidden in one corner,
Pining in pain beneath the cloud,
Majestic sun, out to conquer.

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