Life is Poetry. Expressing joy, in every syllable of life.

Loving Beethoven

Beset with depression he did go for a walk
Everyday the same walk
In a sense, every man made such a pilgrimage
Full of ambitions and not without vanity
He felt himself an enormous sense of power
But signs of deafness began to show

He was extreme in his reactions
Both in joy and in despair
He poured out his misery
In a long document called "Testament"

"Speak louder, shout, for I am deaf"
"What a humiliation when one stood beside me"
"And heard a flute in the distance"
"And I heard nothing"


In a velvet kind of world, there is only one shadow,
The shadow of unknown silhouettes that glares aimlessly,
Beyond everyone’s expectations, it’s still there: appearing,
But it is hidden; lost and confined...

If you stare, you won’t see it, don’t dare!
Each corner and every tip of it’s misunderstood form,
Cannot be mimicked and never to show,
It is a mystery; an enigma; a trick...

Earthen Souls

There’s only one thing we can’t hide,
And it’s the ghosts hiding inside us, the unknown self,
The very reason why we are human, our natural being,
The core of every man’s haunted spirit.

It’s unnerving how every man sinned, and can sin,
Then justify his actions because he is just a man,
Blaming; cursing, trying to make an excuse, a scapegoat.
It’s easy to point fingers at others; destroying each other.

So I

Walking on this dirty road,
With my feet like wearing slippers made of stone,
It cramped until my muscles felt numbed,
So I must kneel.

I have to run away,
Go wherever my feet leads me.
But my body couldn't endure pain,
So I must lay.

Rays of the sun flashes into my eyes,
Until it pulled my lids down.
I have to let it be closed,
So I must sleep.

The wind pulsating a cold breeze,
As I was exposed to this open ground,
It slows down the beating of my heart,
So I must pray.

Unknown To Me

Blank, blank corner of my room
The walls are vain of dead paint
Dark is the light
Illuminating above the ceiling

Fear, fear of the space I occupy
The little space I occupy
A deadly silence
Lingering all around

Confused, confused of the world
The environment I am in now
A cannibalism style
I can't feel, yet existing

Spare, spare me of the dominion
The room I still occupy
Like belt, it tightens
Until it enveloped my soul

No Way!

It’s easy for me to wallow in hate
For people around deserve all my curse
So anytime I can scream and berate
Or throw cruel and harsh words, strong and terse.


I am woman, by the Mother Earth borne
Risen from a promise, later deceived
Bequeathed pure love, yet by temptation scorned.

Fertile garden of wisdom, I adorn.

At The Forked Road

Soft colors of the rainbow
Reflecting a painting on the stream
Are but like a shadow
In the corners of my dream.

Fresh scent of mountain breeze
Breathe in by waves’ kiss upon the shore


I loved the sound of her voice
So quiet and soothing against the noisy world
Her hands were capable of healing any kind of wounds
Be it scratches from a tumble or a fall

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