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Beauty of Solitude

In the midst of pain,
And the rigidity of rein,
I lingered and lain,
Showered by the rain.

You Are Everything

You are a Mother -
Your voice resembling a nightingale’s,
Strings melody that beckons sleep.
Hands soft as a feather, soothe the heart injured deep.


I never knew what homesickness means,
For in the past it’s easy to go home once it knocks.

It is at home where…
I can feel my mother’s comforting embrace when I’m scared.


Do I? Should I?
All I could do is sigh.
Oh, why does my soul always have
To cry?


Bright light penetrates my mind with bliss,
Calmly injecting wisdom that gives hope,
Soothing all my fears with a kiss of peace.

Pieces of liberating wisdom ease –
My mind, although in darkness, starts to grope,
Bright light penetrates my mind with bliss.

My decisions and actions are amiss.
Understanding comes, then I stop to mope –
Soothing all my fears with a kiss of peace.

My body sores, inflicted with disease.
Knowledge cures, and slowly I start to cope,
Bright light penetrates my mind with bliss.


I am like a pearl,
Precious and rare.
At night, I haunt divers in their sleep,
At daytime, they hunt me in return.

Like the pearl,
Impurities purify me, complete me!

I, with dirt,
Purified by time,
Until I emerge immaculate and sublime.


Silent –
No light, no fright.
Love embraces delight!
Peace, serenity, ecstasy

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