World in darkness, endless pain, screaming, but no one hears you.


I am envious of the wind
That caresses your face
Tussles your hair
Whispers in your ear

I am envious of the sun
That kisses your nose
Shines around you
Witnesses your smile

I am envious of the earth
That communes with your sole
Bears your weight
Feels your body

I am envious of the rain
That pours over your head
Trickles down your neck
Vaporizes with your ember

I am envious of the cloud
That plays above you
Foreshadows your gloom
Laughs with you silly

Crappy Thoughts in the Can

As I contemplate to sit on you now
I marvel at your sparkling beauty
Had second thoughts about my intentions
But I know you couldn't be more thankful
Because I will help let you serve your purpose

Expectator Ion

I am here outside, silently watching
Through the rose-colored window
Of my own creation

I see your pains and sufferings
I watch you battle with your own self
But I can only do so much

The barrier is impenetrable
Restricting me to come close
Disabling my senses

Scared even
To give you my two cents
It might drive you away, again

But why can’t I stop staring
And hoping
That you’ll wipe clean the blurry mist

So I can see the picture
With my very own eyes
Not jaded by yours


As I close my eyes
I start to see
What's once before
Is now a memory

A Sonnet on Death

Life’s full of unpredictabilities,
For sunrise seldom happens everyday.
But inspite of all those uncertainties,
There is “I” that will surely come your way.

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