Listen and See

Listen to what I'm not saying
Please look at what you do not see
This person right before you
Is and isn't me

I've told you so much stories
I tell you they're truth (but the truth is they're lies)
Without you knowing I stand helpless
Right before your very eyes

I wear a mask, a thousand masks
For I'm afraid to show
A child, a frightened child
Afraid to let the real me glow

For I think you'd reject me
You might think I am just trash
I'm afraid you'd push me away
The minute down my masks start to crash

And with this little parade of masks I have
You might never know what's true
But if you try to help me then
I might open up to you

I'd like to come out sometimes
Just to let you know
I like this, I love that, those I don't like
Everything I want to show

But then again my instincts react
I back out immediately
And again I wear my masks
Hiding the child within me

So please listen to what I'm not saying
Look at what you cannot see
Help me break all these masks
Please, HELP ME.

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