Life Lessons

Just goes to show that in the middle of nowhere, you'll find hell. It disguises itself as a bus stopover, and you will never miss it. This is just as predictable as the bus driver from hell. Just as unavoidable, the floors are sticky and the swivelling painted plastic chairs squeak.

Then there's country music hammering through the cracked public announcement speakers, droning interchangeably with the bored voice calling out bus numbers ready for re-boarding. I couldn't begin to imagine what could possible go worst. Actually, I could. So, I poke the braised beef in my bowl, just to make sure.

I was more than happy to re-board our bus after an hour. There was this pretty girl seated in front of me. But, she could have been less of a bitch though. I broke out of my happy mood. I guess, co-passengers from hell are unavoidable.

But, life has always been like that, and I have been used to it. It is a given that we get stuck with things we would rather not be caught dead with. And, most of the time there is really not much to do, except survive the torment.

Besides, life lessons come in all shapes and sizes. Some are loud, some stink, while others are barely there. Some are hurtful, others make us laugh. It's in the styro bowls, the creaky chairs, the plastic utensils, and the chopsticks (or lack of it). It's in the girl-next-door, the bus driver from hell, and the suspicious beef.

Life happens while we are wishing to be somewhere else, at some other time or on some other day. While I can't wait to get home, I will, in the meantime, try to squeeze life out of this long homebound bus ride with the bitchy co-passenger.

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