The Joko

Joko Jun, or simply Joko, is a website roughly based on the idea of grand emperor, grand empress, retired emperor, retired empress, emperor emeritus, retired king, retired queen, which exerts creative power and influence.

The Joko does everything in his mind. He laughs with thoughts pouring out of his head, he talks with thoughts oozing through his brain, and he sleeps with thoughts swirling in his dreams. The Emperor's gift is thought, but his curse is the ability to think. He breathes through his mind, and the air he needs is in his thoughts. The Joko does everything twice, never once. He does not believe in first impression, but more in second impression because the second confirms or denies the first.

Thinking through shoes, he walks with head high but mind full. The Joko goes through the courses of his actions with pure thoughts and motives. The Joko understands thought behind action, and acts from thoughts. The Joko rejuvenates with his mind, and not with his body. He cleanses himself not from showers of water, but from showers of thoughts. The emperor goes through battles in his mind, and hopes to get out alive. The Joko recognizes the power of thought, and not action. The Joko has the potential to be world ruler, but acts against it because he knows power is not a replacement for thought.

The Grand Emperor allows his mind to be invaded with history and cultures. He enjoys learning new things. He fights his battles in his mind, and hopes that they don't overthrow his. The Joko recognizes the power of the psychotic because they have been enveloped by inner thought and inner reality. The Joko respects the "insane" because they have become what no one wants--an intellect of thought. The Joko dreams he can have that capacity to think beyond the limits of physical reality, but knows he can never develop such a gift made for the insane. The Joko is lonely in his own thoughts.

The Joko smiles at the homeless, and feels their pain in his mind. The Joko needs not go to college to understand the beauty of a library, the truth in fictional books and characters, and the essence of nature in history books. The Joko lives in pages he has created for himself, and swims in the veins of mythology he has read.

The Joko's best friend is his words. He writes until his hand hurts, he reads them over and again until he memorizes his words like chapters of poems and prose. He rationalizes everything with words, and learns to connect the pictures in his mind with the words he writes on paper. He dances in the dark while dreaming dreams of writing journal entries that could change the world. The Joko loves to be proven wrong, but with enough details and proof. The Joko loves to show people pictures of his mind by giving them chapters of his life. The Joko is creative only in his own right, and no one else. The Joko values his thoughts, but values thoughts of others much more. The Joko thinks as he breathes, eats, and sleeps.

The Joko is one who thinks thoughts while seeing beauty. The Grand Emperor is someone I need to become, someone I admire, and someone I respect. The Joko is someone I thrive to be, someone I need to know, and someone I want to learn from.

The Joko can be you.

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