If U Could Be Me

Sometimes I wish
You could step into my shoes
For just a little while;
To think what I think,
To see what I see,
To feel what I feel,
To understand the confusion,
The fear, the admiration,
And the friendship I feel towards you
All at once.

If you were able to live
Inside my mind,
Even for a moment,
You would see that my world
Is filled with so many responsibilities,
Yet so often my thoughts are of you,
You would see what joy
You've brought to my life
You would see how it means to me
To be able to smile, to laugh,
To feel good, to feel free,
To be "me", like a child
Just because of you.

If you had a chance to take
The smallest glimpse inside of me,
You would see gratitude and respect -
Respect not only for what you are making of yourself
But for what you are helping me to be.
And you would see how much
All of that means to me.

But the thing that would strike you most -
If ever you had a chance to be me
Would be all the love I feel for you
And once you have felt it
You would always remember it
And you would understand that
Although I am not always able
To express it or to explain its depth,
Or importance to me
It is always there
Inside of me!!!

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