If only life is a fairytale, I will choose you to be my king and live with you in your fantasy castle with our seven cute little dwarfs.

If only life is a fairytale, I would want you to be my prince charming dancing in the most prestigious ball and be chased when the clock ticks 12:00 in the midnight.

If only life is a fairytale, you will be the prince who will wake me with his most passionate kiss from my long sleep and protect me from the wicked witch.

If only life is a fairytalem you will be my Aladdin who will let me ride in his red carpet and travel with him under the moon and the stars around the universe.

If only life is a fairytale, I will bring you under the sea and play with Sebastian and the other sea creature friends of mine.

But life is not a fairytale.

Life is not a happily ever after story.

The reality is... I cannot have you forever... I cannot dance with you in the most prestigious ball. You cannot be my prince charming. You cannot be my Aladdin and most of all I cannot have you as my king because you already have your queen… and only your world will turn for her... for her alone... fairytale.

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