What Would You Do?

My life, as I know it.

Part one - the first time.

It was the night I could never forget for the rest of my life.

The night was pitch-black. Footsteps were visible to each ear. Sounds made were like a reflection in the mirror. The air was damp. My body was sweating, yearning for a cold glass of water or a chilly wind to pass by.

Then a sound broke the silence, like a gun shot. It was my Mom, calling me. It's been seven hours since the electricity was gone. It was just six in the evening yet, it was unusually dark outside. My mom asked me to buy something from the market - stuff like candles, battery, those sort of things. I didn't want to go, but I had no choice, so I went.

After seven steps away from the door, my sister rushed towards me. She told me that she'd go with me, Mom's order. I insisted for her not to come, but it was hard to argue with her since she is older. I was nine, turning ten in a few months. I am a kid who can spend all-day at home. After all, that's why they call me "the kid in the house."

It was only about seven minutes walk to the store. And even in streets with no lights, I could still see the growing crowd of people rushing, trying to go home early.

We went on, barely making a move with the people crowding us. They were laughing, shouting, talking to one another in loud voices. I hate it when there's too much people.

We got what we came for and started heading home. We needed to rush back, for it took us more time than we expected.

Then, someone caught my attention! She was walking towards us, with her mother. I couldn't move. My knees went numb. I could barely breathe. My heart was on a shock, skipping a beat. My hands started shaking, but through it all, my eyes were fixed on her. She then looked and smiled at me. I felt like I was gonna fall down. I don't know what to do or say. It was something I never felt before, something new. After all, what would a fourth-grader do?

Then, everything vanished when my sister took my hand and shouted at me, asking what I was doing.

We reached home and after a couple of minutes the power came back. I took my dinner and went to bed. My mom noticed me, so quiet. I only told her I am sleepy.

As I lay down and close my eyes, I could still remember her face, every single detail of it. I asked myself, what am I feeling? This sensation, this strange feeling? And wondering if this is what they call love at first sight.

My mind flew and I drifted off to sleep thinking of her.

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