Tribute to Venus

My friendship with Venus is like a flower that started as a bud and fully bloomed into a most colorful and beautiful flower worth preserving forever.

We first met in high school, as mere acquaintances but eventually developed a fondness for each other from a distance. She had her own set of friends and I have mine. In spite of it, we seemed to have a connection that perhaps only fate could explain. This was the bud stage of our friendship.

When we reached college, we found ourselves studying in the same university, and again, with different sets of friends. The relationship improved, though; for we lived in the same apartment. We were not together in school, but at home, our friendship developed into something deeper - familial. This was the bud slowly and beautifully blooming.

After college, the connection never ended for we both looked for a job together. Funny thing was, during our job interview in one of the top government agencies in our country, the interviewer described us as "inseparable." True enough, for we were both hired in that same agency and never separated since then. The flower didn’t seem to stop blooming.

When I got married, I had to resign from my job and join my husband overseas. Such a difficult decision to make considering that I was working in one of the top government agencies in the country. However, I chose to start building my own family in the right way and that means being with my husband every day of my life. I could not seem to forget what one Christian pastor told me before, "...according to the Bible, the only time that a husband and wife should separate is during prayer."

Now that Venus is getting married, she is also considering the option that I took. She is in fact planning to resign to join Michael in London!

This time, I can say that the bud has fully bloomed into a colorful and beautiful flower.

What made the bud bloom into such a lovely flower worth keeping forever? Well, Venus and I fought the same battles, conquered the same turbulent shores, walked the same ragged terrain and reached our destination scathed but safe.

Presently, we seemed to reach our destination, but we know that life is a continuous journey. The road ahead can still be long and winding, yet we are happy and we feel blessed to know that we have each other no matter where we are.

To Michael, I hope you will take good care of Venus and treat her like your Queen. Fight battles for her, conquer the shores and walk with her all throughout your life.

Finally, to my everdearest Venus, wherever you are, whatever you do, I’m sure you know that I will always be there for you.

God bless you both.

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