Trapped and Tamed

I am destroyed,
Lost and confused.

For I tried to impede
The overflowing affection
For a long time, I hid.
Like a strong river current,
That damned the dam
And brought torrent,
Submerged my heart and left me spent.

For I tried to imprison
My feelings
Bereft of freedom.
Like a jailed gypsy
That longs to explore
The earth’s pristine beauty,
Broke the bars
But left with wounds and scars.

Lost and confused,
For I tried to search for reasons,
To my illogical emotions.
Like an adventurer
Stuck in a maze,
Trapped in corridors,
Felt misplaced and dazed.

When will I let it flow?
How can I make it glow?
Why does the world spin so slow?
Alone, I simply couldn’t let go.

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