Stevie the Dragon and the Communist Unicorn

One day, Stevie was hard at work in his father's shop when he came across a most peculiar customer. It looked like a horse, but a jagged, bony, horn stuck out from the center of its brow. Its fur was flaming red. It had a bright golden mane, and a golden sickle and hammer was tattooed on its right back thigh.

Stevie asked, "What can I get you, kind sir?"

"Do you get paid as much money as the person who owns this shop?" The unicorn spoke with a hypnotic voice.

"Well, no, I suppose I don't, but I don't mind, I'm happy in my work." Stevie blew a blast of flame into the fireplace because the fire was dying out.

"How much work does your boss do?" The unicorn leaned forward. Stevie felt that the unicorn was invading his personal space. He stepped back and turned to arrange the dragon fruit on the shelf.

"Well, he does the accounting and stuff." Stevie wished this Unicorn would leave, or at least buy something.

"But is his sweat on the floor after a hard day of work?" The unicorn snorted and stamped his front left hoof.

"No, but his work is more mentally challenging. They are two different skills and less people can do what he does, so he is needed more."

"Well, if you ever feel like getting the money you deserve come find me." The unicorn stormed out of the store and galloped across the cobblestone road to the giant factory across the street. Stevie loved that factory. Its green walls and giant smoke stack made it seem like everything that was right about Capitalopia.

Stevie was glad the unicorn was gone. He was mean, and his ideas didn't make much sense to him. He remembered hearing that the citizens of nearby Marxico had started using a economic system called communism, and they became poor very quickly. In fact a single dragon dollar was worth 1,000,000 Marxican commie dollars. Stevie was glad he paid attention during the social studies classes at school. Because he did he understood that the communist system had some mistakes. It looks like it could work, but it never actually does. That is why it is called an ideal system.

An hour had passed since the Unicorn had left the shop, and Stevie thought that the rest of the day would go without a hitch. All of a sudden, flames started shooting out of the factory across the street. Stevie ran from his shop to see what was the matter. As Stevie was crossing the street he saw his friends bursting through the roof, but something was wrong about them. Instead of being green, as they were when Stevie saw them earlier that day, they were red. The red dragons had not only changed in color, they also had tattooed the same golden hammer and sickle that the unicorn had on their thighs. They flew off toward city hall with their battle cries piercing the sky. Stevie saw another one of his friends, Alex, walking out of the factory in a daze. His scales had turned pink, and he looked very troubled. He couldn't stand still. In fact, his hands were shaking like caffeine addict who just went cold-turkey. Stevie ran to ask him what happened, but Alex began telling him before he could start the question, with tears welling in his eyes.

That red unicorn came in and started telling the guys that they deserved to be their own bosses, even though they don't know anything about accounting or business. Well, I didn't really agree with his ideals, but my friends are my friends. Even though they're communists now, I still sympathize with them.

"I've heard enough, Adam. The Red Unicorn and the evil communism it spreads must be destroyed." Stevie ran into the destroyed factory and saw the Unicorn laugh as it threw another bag of money into an overflowing cart.

"Fools, believing that they're actually capable of doing the educated's jobs for them. They trusted me completely, and they'll believe me when I tell them that capitalist across the street took it." The unicorn's tattoo began glowing a pale, wicked light.

"I won't let you do this to my homeland!" Smoke smoldered in Stevie's nostrils. The Unicorn began circling Stevie.

"What makes you think that you can subdue me? Already I have started Capitalopia on the road to communism. Even if you destroy me your home will fall to the depths of poverty. And if you were to destroy me, what would that look like to your friends? I would become a martyr to their cause, and you would be the scapegoat of all the pitfalls this land will see. You cannot defeat me." The unicorn smirked as his eyes flashed red and his tattoo glowed. Low growling laughter attack Stevie's ears.

"NOOOOOO!!!" Stevie charged at the unicorn with tears streaming down his cheeks and smoke smoldering in his nostrils. The unicorn dodged to the side and slashed Steve's left thigh with his horn. Stevie struck the unicorn a vicious blow with his massive tail. The unicorn flew through the wall between the actual factory and the break room, leaving a hole the shape of his body in it. Stevie blasted the Unicorn-shaped hole in the wall with a wave of flame. He limped to the hole to see if he had destroyed the evil unicorn once and for all. As he poked his head through the hole, the unicorn blind sided Stevie with a ferocious hoof to his chin. Stevie fell to the ground, almost completely unconscious. The unicorn stood over Stevie and spat into the wound on his thigh. The gash began festering and bubbling.

"Do you really think you are the first to oppose me. I have destroyed many races over many worlds with my communism. I have taken countless forms to do so. To bring the world of man to my control I used the Russians and later the Chinese. To even think that you could defeat me is laughable. Now, you will witness your world see the same dire fate as all I have left in my wake."

Stevie suddenly felt a surge of energy. He loosed every last bit of his fiery breath on the unicorn.

"Fire doesn't work on Satan, Stevie." The unicorn stepped forward, and drove his horn through Stevie's temple. As Stevie lay bleeding on the ground, staining the land red, the Unicorn knew his task was complete. It was only a matter of time until this land fell under his sickle and hammer.

The next few years were hard in Capitalopia. Stevie was labeled as an enemy, and instead of receiving a hero's burial, his body was hanged as an example to all who wouldn't stand for what the unicorn called the common good. Over the next years the common people became poorer and poorer. The fall was slow. At first only a few more people unable to find a job, but quickly the unemployment spread so that by the end of the Unicorn's first year in power the job market became drier than a desert. The lines at job placement centers became longer and longer as time passed. Then, gas became too expensive for the average dragon to afford. Traffic became less and less of an issue for the once congested road ways. Because no one was buying gas, the gas companies had to raise their prices to make enough money to stay in business. This made it too difficult for the farmers to afford fuel to power the machines that helped the harvest their crop. This led to food shortages. Even the textile industry was affected by the fuel crisis, and dragons began wearing old clothes until the tattered cloth hung off of their bodies like rags. Finally they didn't bother to wear cloths at all. Eventually the proud skyscrapers that stood to remind everyone of what life was like in the days of Capitalopia's prosperity were reduced to rubble. Even the once bright blue sky never seemed to peak through the clouds anymore. However, as the land fell apart, the unicorn continued to gain riches. But no one questioned him for fear that Stevie's fate would be theirs. To this day the still live in fear under the Red tyrant, and until the unicorn finds a new target, it will stay that way. The End.

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