Joko Jun loves you.

Pag-ibig Na Lihim

Pilit kong itinago
Pagmamahal kong nag-aalimpuyo,
Nang di mahirapan
At di na muling masaktan.

Mas pinili kong ikubli
Nang sa gayo’y di mag-atubili.
Walang bukas na inaasam,


Noong nakilala kita,
Akala ko ikaw na.
Natuwa ako't naging masaya,
Lalo na pag kausap ka.

Nahumaling at napaibig.
Naaliw at nalupig
Ng isang misteryosong pag-ibig.


I am forlorn.
Was spun in the cycle
That whipped and stirred my soul until
It's torn.


I seek to drown myself in loneliness
If it’s not you that would give me company

I chose to live in solitude
If it’s not your face I’d first see in the morning

Is It You?

He looked at me as if he knew me from the past.
I looked at him as if he is the beauty I’ve been staring at for eons.
His hugs, kisses and touches seem to be the continuation of the broken bygone years.

Who were you then?
Where did I first meet you?
When was that?

Oh! All those questions are buried in the past.
They don’t matter anymore for you are back at last!


I used to dream that the world was red
And now I'm color-blind
Since you refused to see
I knew it wasn't for me
All my life I pray
That someone like you
Will come along the way


I know that we both can see
How our eyes twinkle
And how the world beautifully changes its colors
When we see each other

Done With It

Can't believe what I was seeing
Can't believe what just happened
Everything happened so fast, so quickly
But I know I have to do this
Or I might be at lost


Let me cry for you
And let me call your name
Let me smile with you
Let me stay by your side
Tell me what you think
Let me hold you, just this once
Let me see your face


If you could write a song
For whom would it be?
If you could write a poem
Would you dedicate it to me?

If you'd compose a melody
Would you even let me hear it?
With such heart-touching notes
I'd write its lyrics like I've never write

If you could make a painting
Would I see my face there?
Or would it be another one
Whom you so much care?

If you could be the one for me
Would you even love me true?
Or would you like me to set you free
And let you live happily with whom you want to?


Roses are sometimes RED!
Violets are sometimes BLUE!
And POO is sometimes GREEN!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovely lovebirds!

Asleep With You

As you lie next to me
Your chest slowly
Expanding and contracting
In tune with mine

Your soft red hair radiating
Like the halo you deserve
I sneak a gaze upon
Your sleeping form

The Silence and Me

Through the cold bitter wind the sound comes
Shattering the silence that once was
The crackling of dry leaves
The snap of fallen branches
The whispering of denim on her legs


Humming in slow melody
Vibrating hither and yon
The pick hammers down
Upon the unsuspecting strings

Dancing fingers
Change octave and key
Piercing the night with an electric wail

Done With Love


Just when I thought I was done with love
You unexpectedly came into my life
Am I a fool who fell hastily in love?
Or just a victim of the situation

Confused and hurt

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