Joko Jun loves you.

My Sonnet and You

Every word, every line, speaks of my love
I wholeheartedly surrender to you.
Each verse, each rhyme soaring above like dove,
Its upward flight an attempt to pierce through.

Every song, every melody, reveals
What your heart and mind continuously sing.
Each note, each measure of a song fulfills
All desires and wants that you are hiding.

Weaving your thoughts, knitting my emotion,
Stanzas entwine our hearts forming a quilt.
The needle and the spindle in motion,
Interlock and bind each thread to the hilt.


Nothingness, meaningless

The show is bland,
Without you on the scene.

I’m like desert sand
Arid and barren.

Thoughts are cramped
Mind is murky.

I need a lamp
The street is gloomy.

Heavy rains have poured
My heart, flooded.

I felt shunned and scorned
My soul, bloodied.

Everything’s a game
I just couldn’t play.

I put my life on flame
Now I’m in a fray.

Even this poem
Doesn’t seem to rhyme.

Now who’s to blame?
Nothing’s sublime.

Give Us Today

Of all these years I laid my life,
I refused all tears, all wrath, and hate;
For I am the soul of my own strife,
For I am the god of my own fate.

One night as you entered my prayers,
I fell to ground of your undying bait;
You fooled me from too much layers,
And you left me behind the gate.

You denied every dreams I've wanted to be,
Your child betrayed me and made me believe;
Is it because of the lust that was inside of me?
Or is it because of the bread you always give?

I Tried... Really, I Tried

Seasons passed.
Moon repeatedly waned.
I was deeply aghast
For my passion still reigned.

I thought you were completely gone,
But I discovered that you were just hidden.
I thought I cut the bond,
Only to find the strings within.

In my waking hours I sensed a phantom
Moving in the dark with my heart on his hand.
I groped and tried to catch him at random
But I couldn’t…my mind couldn’t understand.


I love wearing a mask
For it conceals bruises, cuts and wounds,
Hides frowns, tears and squirms.
Buries hatred and anger,
Prevents treachery and danger.

I love wearing a mask

I Hate Valentine's Day

It's a red letter day
But my heart is gray
Lovers everywhere
Oh wait...
I misplaced mine somewhere
I hate Valentine's Day
I think it's a total waste of time

What I Love About You

You know what I love about you
It’s that you’re not me
You’re not me, you’re not there, you’re you
And you wake up this nerve deep inside me
That’s asleep most of the time

Red Roses and Chocolates

Red roses,
I got a bunch
Out of a crunch.
From a friendship
That’s about to slip.

Red roses,
Will I ever receive from you?
Given with love so pure and true?

This Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day,
But I am here alone.
Enjoying the moment
From behind the curtain,
Seeing you come and go.
I am happy just to be virtually with you.

I don’t have to say anything


Your silhouette,
I want to touch, but I don’t want to reach.
My arm I tried to raise
But I felt it freeze.

Your shadow,
It lingers in my mind, but I don’t want it to dwell.


A thin cold steel cut through my heart…
Those words, those words!
They ripped my senses apart.
I tried to be frozen to keep my sanity intact,
But no matter what I do I still got crushed.


I feel you,
Vivid, clear.
Your details, your form
Ah yes! They seem so real.
Then I realized, it’s just your silhouette.

I see you,
So active, so alive
Moving, walking

Waited and Waiting

I waited,
For eons until we meet again.

And now that you’re by my side,
I couldn’t seem to contain the happiness I feel inside.

I just couldn’t believe

Love's Magic

You never knew what realizations you brought into my life.
Meeting you gave me a chance to meet myself –
Seeing the inner me,
Perceiving what is lacking,

Spellbinding Resistance

Wide awake...
I couldn’t sleep.

I tried closing my eyes
But it’s your face I see.
I tried shutting my ears
But it’s your voice I hear.
I tried to be numb with all those touches

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