After the curtain closes
She would hide behind the window pane
Look outside trembling, forgetting to breathe
Because the man of her life was gone
But she's still expecting

Oh boy, how can she repeat the same mistakes again?
When her heart still aching
Telling her she can do it
But she couldn't endure love pulsating in her senses

Enough of feeling loved, she can't be
Mercedes can't you see
The man you love got away
He left you hiding for the truth
Mercedes stop
Just stop yourself for pretending hes still here
He ran away can't you see?

Open the window and let the sun shine in
You must let light in to clear your clouded heart
It's okay to cry, ask yourself why
When you finally run outside you will see
How beautiful it is to be free

Mercedes move on
It's been a long time since you smiled
Mercedes stop crying
Stop expecting, stop pretending
He's gone a long time ago
It's time for you to let go

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