The Chase

I opened the window
And saw the moon
Oh, it’s smiling
And out of it’s cocoon.

The tricky cloud
Tried to hide the moon’s smile
But no matter what the cloud did
The moon floats away a thousand mile.

The cloud, so soft and fluffy
I didn’t know it could scheme, too.
The moon smiles... oh, yes, the moon’s smile,
Seemed so candid and true.

The cloud once again
Enveloped the moon
Till the smile was veiled
And once again wrapped in a cocoon.

The moon and the cloud...
The scene made me smile,
It reminded me that out of selfishness
One could walk a thousand mile.

Life can be funny,
A journey that’s exciting, too.
The plots, oh, yes, the plots
So striking and true.

I closed the window
And wished that tomorrow,
I’ll once again witness,
The comedy that I love to call "The Chase."

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