Charming Girl

She walks with modest curve, eyes recognizable and hair flowing. Her long, slender legs quietly seek out the ground, with one step gracefully before the other. Her hips sway from side to side like the soft melody of a Congo drum. Her luscious lips slightly curve into a small, secret smile, as she probably remembers of a private joke she had heard the day before.

With a single stride, an envious girl eyes her and thirsty boy dreams of her. She is tense, but no one can tell. Her dark hair cascades competing for the neon light's depth and illumination. Her brown eyes of crystal stare straight through anyone she talks to. She converses with soft lips moving articulately, her voice like the sirens' melody of the weak. She captivates every man she meets, she holds the envy of every woman who has the unlucky chance of seeing her.

I sit calmly on the couch, my camera close to me. I drink my Corona as my eyes gaze her up and down. Party balloons hide my face, as I look at her. She simply passes by me. She doesn't notice me. Her golden tan shines against the ambience of the room. My right hand clasps around my camera, as I drink my beer on my other hand. I relax my head on couch, and look at her walk away through the dance floor. With every blink I make, her stride is slower, more reformed, more conserved, more mature. Her laugh echoes through the room, as if reminding everyone of her sophisticated existence.

She sees a friend. He sees her also, of course. They meet up. She gives him a quiet, noticing hug. He hugs her in return, and I can see the words "How are you?" mouth from his lips. Perhaps he is her boyfriend; or perhaps just an acquaintance from work. She tilts her head in a flirting way, letting her hair fall over her shoulders. She smiles at him, and answers something like, "I'm doing good. How are you?" Simple greetings that enable her hand to reach up and caress the hair over the shoulder and slide it back to the other side, pretending to try to tame her flowing hair. Her actions move like the rewinding of a slow-motion movie. Her smiles flash like pauses what a CD record makes. You'll always remember the note, but can't quite make it out because it isn't comparable.

They talk for a little bit more. One foot of hers grazes perhaps an itch on the other ankle. She's laughing at something he just said, throwing her head slightly back, and showing off her pearly teeth in a gaily open-mouth laugh. He blushes, for he cannot help it. She gently touches his shoulder and comments on probably how funny he is... the true art of flirting. He knows what he wants. He can't be her boyfriend, but he's got his eyes on her already. She smiles and looks away, shyly.

I watch them perform their game while I take pictures. I capture anything that moves around me as a disobedient trigger happy guy that I am. My black suit faded under the radiance of the room. My breath’s calm, but full of deep interpretations. My blue shirt that I bought earlier that night looks warm and cozy against my skin. I look down my shoes, and silently make a comment to myself how I need new shoes. I should have gotten one when I got the shirt. I look up again, and see that they are still playing their game. He leans in to her, his pants bending with her silky legs, allowing everyone around to see the beauty of her curves, all the way to her hips, quite enticingly. My eyes sparkle at the amusement of my envy.

They hug again, said something, and walk away from each other. I gaze at her for a while longer as she mingles, until she disappears from my site. I stand up, mingle as well. She finally sees me. She smiles, and expects me to come and talk to her. I smile back and meet her. We talk for awhile until the clock strikes twelve. She gives me a breathtaking kiss. It felt like we were alone in this lounge. But, I can hear people around me saying happy new year! After what seems to be a long kiss, we walk separate ways and greet everyone around us.

Figuring out people is part of my daily thoughts. I wonder what kind of psyche she has. I'll have to confess that I admire the dark-haired charming girl. But, this girl doesn't know what she has. She probably never will.

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