Broken Jigsaw Puzzle

Perfection is impossible in this chaotic world. That's what they say. For when the days are bright and sunny, rain comes and that ruins the perfect morning. This is the formula that everyone knows about life and this makes us believe that everyone else look at life in the same way.

So, we squeeze our creativity and talent to weave a perfect silk that tells a story of sunny days and storms...

Readers, viewers... the public, are awed and amazed. The flow of the story followed the formula so perfectly that it became a hit. Such a stunning performance deserves a standing ovation! The opera house is full, concert tickets are sold out, thundering applause come from all directions. The producers go home with a huge profit, perhaps, a million dollar? This success inspired them to create some more...

The creative team, on the other hand, is happy with such achievement and kept on conceptualizing far better themes and choreography.

"Let's Play!"

They all said. Hence, once again there was a "show." What an amazing display of creativity and talent! Well, talents are meant to be used otherwise, they will not multiply. Forget the mistakes and misuse, after all, there's a saying, "We're allowed to make a lot of mistakes in our lives, except the mistake that destroys us."

However, speaking of mistakes, God's justice is always based on INTENTION, the reason behind every thought, word and action. Intention solely determines the punishment and reward, thus, no one has the right to complain when justice is due. God is polite, though, He never points it out, He will try to make you discern your mistakes on your own because He doesn't want you to be defensive and act brave but to simply use your intelligence in order to gain wisdom.

But then, it's easy to rationalize our mistakes: look the other way around or, turn the tables. Both options look divine especially if we sound convincing. Having the habit of doing these two options all throughout our lives, we even convinced ourselves that every blunder is someone else's fault! We never realized what we, as a friend, sister, daughter, wife or employee, has become. Self-exculpation is such a divine quicksand that we never even realized it's bringing us to hell and keeps us spinning in the same deceptive cycle making our whole life a complete lie. Living in a world of lies, makes us think that others live the same life as we do...

This jigsaw puzzle is broken but it's last piece is Paulo Coelho's thought:

"Don't try to be brave when it is enough to be intelligent."

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