I sat in a corner
And listened to this song over and over
Shoulders slumped in defeat
My heart weak and out of beat
Eyes bloodshot with no sleep
I started to soundlessly weep
I reek of filth and guilt
Memories came flooding, bittersweet

I can still smell the crisp, cool air
As I whispered a silent prayer
Thank you for this moment, thank you for him
Thank you for an answered whim
Hands clasped, fingers twined
Tangled legs, yours and mine
Your arms wrapped around my body
The lock has found its key, our bodies fit perfectly

I watched you sleep so soundly
In awe with your naivete and beauty
I inhaled the scent of your skin
And felt the kindness of your soul deep within
Your calmness was intoxicating
I was in sync with your rhythmic breathing
I told my self, I can get use to this feeling
I want you next to me when I open my eyes every morning

But I had to leave
Far from one another, we have to live
Through my tear-stricken eyes I ponder
Past days came like a blur
It’s only been a month, almost two
But I can’t remember the last time I did not think of you
It pains me now that I have to listen to this song with melancholy
However sad it is, it has always made me happy
Because when I hear it, I see you, strumming your guitar
That faithful Friday morning, you were my favorite acoustic rockstar

Now, your silence is deafening
My tears won’t stop falling
I can't remember the last time I’ve had this much needing
To be with you, to be the object of your wanting
I feel so lonely, not feeling you anymore beside me
I can’t fathom why you had to shut me out completely
But I will not tire out of listening to this song
Let the thunder mask my silent whimpering
Let the rain wash out my tears
I will listen to it over and over
Until I hear from you

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